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The Biggest Perfume Store in Chicago

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I bet you are all wondering which is the biggest perfume store in Chicago. Well, at least all of you who live in Chicago. More than that, I bet you are wondering about the story behind the biggest perfume store in Chicago. At the end of the day, owning the biggest perfume store in such a big city is a really big deal.

Contrary to a popular belief that says that most great companies have been founded by rich people who have already had everything, they just wanted more; many great companies have been founded by people who started from the bottom and eventually reached the top. In fact, the biggest perfume store in Chicago in called ‘The smell of the world’ and you can check their perfumes on It was founded in 2003 by a man, Carter, and his 17 years old son. Carter wanted a bright future for his son but their possibilities were limited. According to what Carter said in a recent interview, since he was little he loved travelling. You know have they say, spending your life travelling, that’s the dream. Carter is a very educated man, but he is not educated from school. He says that his education comes from all the trips he used to make with his parents and later on, with his friends. Carter and his son always shared this love for travelling and whenever they had the possibility they would have a city-break. As said before, their possibilities were limited, Carter worked 12 hours a day and his son used to have a part-time job after school in order to pay his school tuitions. Eventually, he had to drop out of school and at a breaking point of their life they decided to leave everything behind and travel the world. They sold everything and bought tickets to India. That is where they fell in love with all kinds of spices and scents.

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One day, Carter and his son tried to mix different spices with other ingredients to make a perfume. They sold it on the street for a few dollars per bottle and everyone loved the perfume they created. They managed to make enough money to buy more spices and ingredients and created different perfumes so they returned to America and opened a perfume store hoping that Americans would love their perfumes just as much as Indians did. It was a great risk they took but it was totally worthy.

Carter’s son is now 28 years old and he runs the store with his father. Most of the time they travel in order to discover new places, new scents, anything that could inspire them to create new perfumes. The most amazing thing about their perfumes is that every each one of them has a story. In fact, their best-seller perfume is the first perfume they created in India. It is called ‘Indian sun’ and the smell is a very unique one. It is a natural smelling scent. Some people say that they can actually feel the smell of Mumbai when they smell the perfume. Of course, the ingredients are secret and even though many perfume companies tried to recreate it, everyone failed. Actually, nobody could recreate any of Carter’s perfume, they are extremely unique and amazing.

The advice Carter gives to everyone is that although it might sound like a cliché, you must follow your dreams. If you have a dream you must turn it into a goal and tie yourself to that goal. It is said that the world belongs to the people who can dream high enough to change the world with their dreams. However, if you don’t have any dreams follow your hear, do anything that makes you happy. Within that, you will find great opportunities. There are many people who managed to rise although it seemed as if there was no hope left for them. Being a good, open-minded person is the key to success.

Carter and his son now encourage every young child to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. They offer 20 full scholarships to the best university in the state. Carter’s son managed to graduate high school eventually and actually went to college. He says that although most of his education was gained in his trips, school helped him a lot. They also offer internships to college students who are interested in this field. The store employees are very happy with their work place and say that they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Hair Salons in Chicago

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hair stylingChi-city, the windy city as we know is the third most populous city in the US. There are tons of things to do in Chicago, from theatre to enjoying the great outdoors. Different restaurants and shops are lined up. Of course for the fierce women, the beauty shops are not to be missed!
It’s time to checkout various beauty salons that offer hair straightening service for a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of the results!

First stop is Edit Salon. Keratin (Straightening) is currently conquering the hair industry with its Brazilian blowout results. It is a mix of hair repair and hair straightener as it smoothens and straightens frizz or waves which lasts up to about three months. However, one should be very careful before sitting down and opting for the Keratin treatment. A number of countries have banned this treatment as some brands include an alarming amount of formaldehyde. Make sure to ask the stylist about the brand and if you can, check the back of the bottle for its components or quickly Google the brand. Edit Salon offers Keratin from $275. That is within the normal cost of Keratin hair straightening treatments. Edit Salon also offers a more subtle hair straightener service, the Relaxer. The relaxer is a healthier approach in straightening the hair plus it’s usually cheaper nowadays. Edit Salon offers Relaxer from $125, now that’s a fair amount! Edit Salon is open Tuesday to Saturday up to 9:00 PM!

Next is ReMarked Salon. Just one year old in the hair business, Mark T is no stranger to Chicago. The owner was born and raised in Chicago! Winning Hair Battle Chicago clearly shows that he surely knows how to style up the Chicagoans! ReMarked Salon offers Keratin hair straightener treatments for very affordable prices! You do not want to let this pass! Keratin Conditioning starts at $50 while Keratin Relaxer starts at $65. How awesome is that? Book now! ReMarked Salon is open Tuesday to Saturday up to 21:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. One of the top hair salons that uses top-notch flat irons for black hair in the country.

The search for salons that offer hair straightener treatments or services has brought us to love and kisses or the XO Studio. XO Studio offers a wider range of hair straightener services. They even specialize in straight perms! It’s safe to say you’re in good hands. Although a bit more expensive, it is still within the cap. What’s special is their Keratin Express Blowout which costs $150 only! Suitable to those who do not have a lot of time to spare! Keratin Smoothing costs $300 while the Relaxer costs $140 only! Walk in is possible, at least that’s what they say but you know how it works in the big city! To secure yourself a slot, their website allows you to book online, request an appointment at:! You can also become a class member and schedule your next visit online! They are open 7 days a week! How fantastic could this get? XO Studio is open Monday to Sunday usually from 10:00 to 21:00. Open half day on Sunday. Love your hair!

For the 20 and 30 somethings, Red 7 Salon is waiting to serve you! Offering modern and ‘’Above and Beyond’’ service, you sure are up for a treat. As what their Mission statement says: Show Kindness. Create Comfort. Go Above and Beyond.  Accept Everyone. On their list however is only one hair straightener treatment which they call the Anti-curl or Relaxer. Price starts at $95! That’s a good treat! Established in 2002 Red 7 Salon is recognized in Chicago. Red 7 Salon has worked with celebrities such as Perez Hilton, Ke$ha, Michelle Williams, DEV and Taylor Miller. Basing on their clients, this salon sure is edgy and modern perfect for the 20 and 30 something who want to try out new styles from time to time. No slowing down yet! Be bold! Red 7 Salon operates from Tuesday through Friday at 10:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. It’s quite easy to book an appointment too! Call them at 312-644-RED7.

So those are the four salons in Chicago that we have chosen which offers hair straightener services at reasonable prices with good reputations!

Choosing a salon can be difficult at times. It’s actually not as easy as phoning the salon or the stylist, go there, sit for an hour or up to three hours and leave it up to whoever attends to you. Undergoing hair treatments or hairstyle changes requires a two way communication from the client and the stylist. It is also not so good to hop from one salon to another. Not only will you miss developing good rapport with the stylist but it can also cause damage to your hair or can result in hideous hair color or style, especially if you haven’t kept a record of the treatments you have taken.

So be patient in choosing the right salon for you. Also, explain to the stylist what you really want. Showing them the desired look or hairstyle can do so much, you see, not everyone has good imagination. Now, if unfortunately you’re honestly not happy with the results tell the stylist straight away rather than running away and talking bad about him or her. This will not help both of you. Telling them right away will help him or her figure out the best solution or a remedy the soonest. Everybody deserves a second chance.

Tips for hair straightener treatments:

  • Make sure that you really want to have a straight hair. Some straightening treatments make your hair too straight and smooth that if you curl them it has no effect.
  • Take good care of your hair. Use conditioner at least 3 times a week and repair shampoos or cream at least once or twice a month.
  • Trim your hair every month or two, this not only fastens the growth of your hair but also eliminates the split ends as a result of hair straightener treatments.

The key to it all is to be honest with your stylist. Inform the stylist whatever you did to your hair, everything! From the brands you use to the do it yourself products that you have applied to your hair. They know better, so they deserve to know everything about your hair.

Beauty Schools in Chicago

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Are you one of those persons that simply adore fashion, beauty, makeup and other trends? Have you ever thought about turning your passion into a true career? If you have, but you don’t know what road to choose, we recommend you join a cosmetology program or a class, that will give you all the necessary information and techniques that you need to start this new path in your life.

One of the most important and well-known cities that have a huge tradition regarding beauty, is Chicago. By taking such courses, you will become a professional hair stylist, nail or skin technician or even a makeup artist, with a license approved by the state.

Chicago or the Windy City, as we all know it, has a long tradition when it comes to beauty, and this statement is sustained by the six Regency beauty schools that can be found in the city. Each and single one of these schools, offer a complete guide and step-by-step assistance in a friendly and professional environment. Their programs are specially designed to encourage and help people achieve their goals when it comes to beauty and cosmetology, and to improve their skills and imagination.

These renowned beauty schools how to select the products and tools you have to use based on your clients needs and requirements, and also you will learn how to express your opinions regarding a clients request, in case he is asking something that is not according to his skin tone and complexion, hair, nails or anything else that has to do with the beauty department.

If all this sounds appealing and you think is something that might interest you, take this important step in your future career and learn from the best beauty professionals in the most renowned beauty city.

Another aspect to take into consideration is that this beauty industry is completely safe and will never be in a crisis. Just think of the millions of women and men that will never give it a second thought when it comes to spending huge amounts in order to look perfect at any time of day or night.

Beauty has its prices and victims; if you are truly passionate and you plan on making a statement in this industry, it is best to learn from the best. Keep in mind that Chicago has a long history when it comes to beauty schools, highly appreciated beauty salons and beauty pageants.

Chicago is a city full of live, fashion, beauty and most of all, opportunity. Be the best by seeing, learning and experiencing the best life has to offer.

Fashion in the fall season

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Fall is the season that brings you a chance to wear amazing dresses, shoes and accessories. When you are rushed and bundled up, the only way to show your own style is with the help of your collection of dresses and accessories.

It is very hard to keep up with the continuous style changing that comes with every season, but you also have a chance to flatter your personality with new accessories and make everybody fawning for them. The addition of a head band or scarf will definitely make you fall for the fall season all over again.


These days scarves are so much in fashion that it has become staple and a must have in your closet. Whether you choose a flowing scarf or the one you need to keep your neck warm, depends on your very own personality but matching it with the trendy boots and an outfit is definitely a must have. Pairing a belt with a scarf will take the trend into an entirely different and new direction.

The fashion remains incomplete until you have an amazing pair of boots. Stacked heels work for every style, doesn’t matter when you are into feminine, trendy or laid back style, the stacked heels are there for you. The concealed wooden layer on boots is also a good addition to your tights and dress, it makes you look rocking.

the-plastic-dolls-collectionColors are considered to be of vital importance according to the season. This fall, the gray color is in fashion whether it’s silver, dark or light gray. The shade entirely depends on what you are going to pair it with. You can pair gray with a wide range of colors like blue, bright red, punchy oranges, yellow etc.  So having an outfit in gray would add to your personality this fall.

Coats in the fall season are also very important to discuss, as it is an important part of a trendy dressing in this fall season. No matter if you are wearing a trench coat in pink or a canary coat in yellow; you must know that this fall has been taken over by pastel colors. Petticoats are also in fashion this fall, so get them in pastel colors if you wish to look trendy. Make your wardrobe more fashionable by pairing up your coat with the leather boots and a pair of gloves.

When it comes the moment to choose a handbag, this fall go for the chain strapped bags, a minor touch of an edge will take your pretty outfit to wonderful with just a simple single step.
Now, here comes the jewelry that are in fashion this fall. You should go for the punked pearls this fall season if you really want to look trendy and stylish. Mixing the pearls with chains of crystal and gunmetal would add glamour to your overall outfit.

Everything discussed above is the preparation for the upcoming fall season, it is all up to you to choose how you are going to blend and incorporate fashion in your wardrobe. You need to prepare yourself well before fall will come, get ready for everything and then go out and watch the changing colors of the leaves.

Best Makeup Brush Brands

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Deciding which makeup brushes to pick from the millions displayed on the shelves can be a really daunting task and one which might need an expert’s guidance especially if you are a beginner.

For any cosmetic routine a good makeup brush is extremely essential, as low quality brushes can hamper the quality of the application and do more harm than good. Any professional makeup artist will wholeheartedly agree that the quality of the makeup brushes is definitely a decisive factor in achieving the desired look.

With the wide variety of products available on the market it is essential to fish out the absolute best. To help you figure out which makeup brush brands to buy, we have created a comprehensive list containing professional brand names with all the pros and cons for your indulgence:

mac brushes1) MAC: It is undoubtedly one of the most famous international cosmetic brands that will never disappoint us when it comes to makeup brushes. MAC has a variety of brushes you can select from and it is important to mention that no animals are killed or experimented on during the process of creation. They trim and groom only live animals to collect the hairs. However, MAC makeup brushes are often costlier than their counterparts and you might need to put out a considerable amount of money so you can own one.

Recommended: Masterclass Brush Collection that was designed thinking of each individual consumer in mind and not just makeup artists. These brushes look like toothbrushes with vertical handles and bristles at right angles. They have been released in three sizes: Linear, Oval and Oval6 ranging from small to large.

sigma brushes2) Sigma makeup brushes: Amazingly soft and effective for all kinds of makeup, the Sigma brushes don’t shed easily and keep their shapes for a longer time. They have a product called Sigma essential kit which comes in with 12 high quality brushes containing all types of brushes for both the eyes and the face. They are definitely more affordable than the MAC brushes or any other high end brand.

Recommended:  The Sigma Essential Kit.


dior-brushes3) Dior: The makeup brushes from Dior are expensive, but worth the investment as they stay put for long years and are super easy to clean even after repeated usage. Usually made out of squirrel hair, the bristles are luxuriantly full and thick. Dior makeup brushes are very good for applying foundations and contouring cheek bones.

Recommended: Dior backstage Kabuki makeup brush. Priced at around $60, it features an elegant black beech wood handle and has a luxuriant thick crop of hair to ensure flawless results.

4) Bobbi Brown: Their makeup brush collection starts from a basic set of 6, each one with a specific purpose. Their brushes come with a cap for protection and are supple enough to apply foundations and makeup smoothly.

Recommended: The Basic Brush Collection. It has all the essential tools you need to apply makeup like a professional. It has an eye shadow, eyebrow, eyeliner, face blender, concealer and foundation brush.

5) L’Oreal: You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy makeup brushes from L’Oreal, plus, the finishing result is absolutely roving.

Recommend: Makeup Artist Travel Brush Set. Cute and compact as a button, it comes with a travel pouch that you can carry easily wherever you are traveling. It has a set of blush brush, precision concealer brush, lip brush and an all over eye brush.

6) Chanel: Best known for their luxury goods – the opulent dresses, chic designer bags and signature perfumes, Chanel also has a lot to offer in terms of high quality makeup brushes. An absolute must in your makeup kit, their multipurpose brushes are very adaptable in blending and correcting blemishes. The bristles are soft, firm and amazingly great to get that perfect finished look.

Recommended: Chanel Powder Brush #1. It is a hot favorite among Chanel lovers who swear by its thick luxuriant hairs. The natural fiber hair is formed without using scissors or razors.

7) Shu Uemera: If the Holy Grail was the ultimate quest for the crusaders, then Shu Uemera brushes certainly would be “the makeup brush” for every fashion enthusiast who knows her blushers from every smudge. Founded by Shu Uemera a Japanese makeup artist who also lent his name to the company, the flawless makeup brushes they market still bear testimonial to his highest aim in delivering the best to the customers.

The natural fibers, they use in their brushes are silky – soft and apply makeup evenly all over the face. The synthetic ones absorb the colors easily and with Shu Uemera you don’t have to make repeated strokes to let the color stay. Shu Uemera comes in natural and Kolinsky types – the difference being that natural ones are made out of squirrel, badger or pony hair, while Kolinsky is pure mink hair. If you decide to get a Shu Uemera there’s every possibility you will get hooked to this brand.

Recommended: Kolinsky brush 11 priced at around $140. The bristles are long and spread out and can be used for applying cream, liquid eye or face powder.

8) Hakuhodo:  Hakuhodo is a reputed Japanese makeup brush producer that creates brushes under its own name. They are expensive, but many of the brushes are available on the economical line and are more or less equivalent to other high end brands like MAC or Chanel. The quality of the synthetic hair used to make the brushes, is excellent and also immaculately designed. You might want to go for it if shelling out a little more is not an issue for you. The quality you get for this price is outstanding.

Recommended: Powder brush – It is soft, sleek and made with a superfine blend of goat and synthetic hair. Hakuhodo brushes have become icons in a dazzling world of brushes and many buy these brushes as a collector’s item too.

As a makeup artist you might accumulate varieties of makeup brushes on the way and need to have multiple pieces of the same type to avoid infecting the clients. An average woman, however does not really need to have a multitude of brushes as she’s not applying makeup on several different people. Pick only the brushes that you feel most comfortable in using.

DIY Necklace

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A necklace is a jewelry item worn around the neck and the earliest necklaces dated back to the Stone Age, more than 40,000 years ago. Although they were not always a fashionable accessory, nowadays, they are more or less wore as fashion statements in the contemporary world.


Necklaces are popular with both men and women and are available in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right necklace can add a touch of glamour and enhance a person’s features. They are also a fun way to accessorize your outfit and add a touch of flamboyance to your personality. While it is convenient to buy your necklace from shops and stores it’s not often an easy task to find the right accessory for your wardrobe which is also likewise unique. Most of the jewelry pieces you buy in the market have at least thousands of copies spread worldwide.

Have you ever looked to buy a necklace and felt you could do it yourself? That’s why DIY or Do It Yourself activities can be a fun and rewarding way to create your own unique accessories. What better way to guarantee you are the sole owner of an exclusive piece, then deciding to Do It Yourself?

The best part of making your necklace is that you get to pick whatever pleases your eyes. There are a few basic supplies one must procure first before starting with the activity. All the items are inexpensive and can be easily obtained from any craft store. Here is a list of basic supplies you will initially need:

1. Tools: Wire cutters and pliers. The former is essential for cutting and trimming wire. Pliers are required to grip wires and make loops.  Investment in more professional tools can be done as required.

2. Wire: They are great to create the shapes and structures of your preference. This wire comes in a range of thickness and types. Choose one according to the look you want for your jewelry.

3. Stringing materials: You will need this to string your beads, and its size must match the holes or too much friction can cause the thread to fray. Another alternative to using threads is to use metallic chains, though they will cost more.

4. Beads: This is where you can let your imagination run wild and select beads of different shapes and sizes. It is important to buy only what you intend to use, otherwise most people end up buying more than required. If you are one of the more eclectic types, charms, animal bones, shells and pendants can also be added to personalize your necklace.

5. Findings and Fastenings: They are generally made out of metal and are used to fasten or attach jewelry so that it can be worn.

6. Needles: Depending on the type of beadwork you have selected, you might need needles to string the beads. Needles are also required for stitching any embroidery if required.

As you gain more expertise in your activity there are a number of tools and equipments for necklace makers that can help you create more intricate designs. The rest is up to your skills and imagination to see how well you put them to use so you can craft your own DIY necklaces.

High-Heels and Jeans

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High heels and jeans are two components of women’s clothing that play with the idea of juxtaposing opposites on the same platter. While high heels exude a sense of sleek, polished look, jeans portray a touch of casual and carefree attitude. Together they create a deadly combo of someone naughty hot with the casual charm of the next door neighbor. Pairing jeans with high heels is a very popular style trend and has been recreated by women of varied shapes and sizes and also age groups.

Given its comfort, the trend is here to stay- even as a last minute glamour or as a solution for an all girls’ night out. There is nothing more fulfilling for a woman than to ace the look of a glamorous-chic, one who not only oozes sex appeal but also feels tremendously sexy and comfortable at the same time.

High heels and jeans might have seemed like a fad first, but it is obvious they are definitely here to stay. It is important to know how to rock this look with the right combination of heels and jeans. When choosing jeans to wear with heels, there are a number of options available. Different styles of high heels go well with different types of jeans. Wearers should first know how to match them accordingly and bring out the desired look.

There are different types of jeans available like boot cut, straight cut, bell bottom and skinny jeans.  Try on different styles before figuring out which style is the most comfortable and flattering for your figure. Among these, skinny jeans are one of the most popular trends in jean fashion today. Slim fitting with a low rise in the waist; these are form fitting and do not flare off in the end. Skinny jeans taper off near the ankles providing ample room to show your high heels and it also gives an overall sharp look. These jeans also accentuate the wearer’s figure and create the illusion of slender legs. They can be paired with almost all types of high heels to achieve the classy look. But it is important that you only pick jeans which allow you to bend and move freely.

Teaming high heels with jeans gives the much desired illusion of longer, slimmer legs and an overall greater height. They alter the wearer’s stance and pace, making the voluptuousness more prominent. The popular trend of wearing high heels with jeans can create both a casual and a refined look. There are several different types and styles of jeans available, as well as an equally long list of high heels to choose from.

Knowing which pair of heels to pair with which style of jeans can make all the difference in achieving the long desired slim look. It is a versatile combination and can be worn on different occasions, be it a glamorous event or a casual gathering.  Pairing high heels with jeans is definitely every woman’s “must have” fashion trick.